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12th scale National 2013

Pre- National Event 2013

As a prelude to the National event, see below, we are holding what is our inaugural competition at our new venue.

On the weekend of 5th / 6th October we will have 2 days to introduce everyone to the new workshops.

Saturday is the open practise day. From early (TIME TO BE DECIDED), until 9.00pm the venue will be open for viewing and practise. All electric on-road classes are welcome although we will be setting aside slots where cars of 1 class only will be on-track to allow more serious testing.

Please e-mail me if you are coming, with an idea of how early you would wish to start. Fee £5.00.

Sunday will be a full race meeting with doors open at 8.00am, booking in until about 9.30 then racing until evening. The timing depend upon numbers but we should be looking at 4 rounds of qualifying heats, followed by the usual 1 legged finals.

Classes to include, LPM12 10.5, LMP12 13.5, LMP12 Open Mod, GT12, F1, GT10 and 1/10th saloons.

Foam tyres only using a BRCA approved additive. No older, oil based additives please.

Entry by e-mail to only. Fee £8.00, pay on day.

Past events

F1 Spring series 2015

Starting on 21st March we are running a Spring series based on the F1 season.

On F1 race weekends we will run an F1 meeting with support from 1/12th scale LMP12 cars and on the alternate, non F1 weeks we will run a BTCC meeting with Touring cars supported by a GT12 series.

F1 cars will  will be 1S, 13.5 blinky with rubber tyres.

Touring cars will be any 4WD or FWD touring car chassis, 2S. Body shells BTCC touring car, GT or Mini. No “jelly moulds.

GT12 and LMP12 will run as BRCA legal stock classes. 1S, blinky, 13.5T or 10.5T respectively.

Each F1 / LMP12 event will be run as a “total Laps” event.

TC and GT12 will be round and Finals points with reverse grids.


19th / 20th October 2013 sees the 12th scale circus roll into town. Come and see some of the best drivers in the world race at Teesside’s new track.
Entry to this event is open to all BRCA members. Experience is advised but not essential.
My advice would be to get used to racing a GT12 or an LMP12 at club level before entering a National event.  Racing at a big national event is quite high pressure and you must be well prepared. But if you do enter, be prepared to have one of the best race weekends ever. The atmosphere is totally different from club racing but will leave you counting the days until the next one.
There are 5 classes of 12th scale cars racing over the weekend, the GT12s race on  both Saturday and Sunday and the LMP12s have 2 classes each day.
Saturday sees the slower motors used, 13.5 turn and 10.5 turn Stock classes. Sunday  is the “fast” day with 10.5 turn Sports class and Open Modified Class with unrestricted  motors.

21 March 2915


28 March 2015

F1 & LMP12

04 April 2015


11 April 2015

F1 & LMP12

18 April 2015

F1 & LMP12

25 April 2015


02 May 2015


09 May 2015

F1 & LMP12

16 May 2015


23 May 2015

F1 & LMP12

The club held 2 rounds of the NE regional series at the Grangefield site on 6th and 7th July.
The meetings were very successful with nearly 100 drivers on Saturday for 2WD and 60 for 4WD on Sunday.
The weather was very good and there were 2 very demanding and well received tracks designed by Martin Heward. The grass held up well and times were fairly consistent over the day.

Racing was good and (mostly) fair and club members did well in both classes. In 2WD we had Peter Craig 5th ,Martin Heward winning the B, Robin Calvert 10th in B, Kash Khan winning the D, Andrew Brown 9th in E, in the F we had Simon Preston 7th and John Wilson 9th, Stephen Rouse won the G final with Jason young 8th, Tim Pearson 7th in H , Emily Howard 2nd in I final with Paul Harrison 7th and Paul Dolan qualifying 7th, Derek Burton 6th in J with Keith Harrison qualifying 1st in J.

In 4WD we have Peter 3rd in B, Robin 4th, John winning the C, Kash 5th  and Andrew 7th, Martin 6th in D, Jason 6th in E, Stephen 7th, Tim 3rd in F, Paul Dolan in 5th, Paul Harrison in 7th and Derek in 10th.

This large annual event allows the club to generate funds to invest in the club. There is a hope that we can run more events in the future.

Regional event 2019