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Current classes  run.

Basic 12th scale cars developed from the “Mardave” chassis that’s been around for many years. Now joined by British manufacturer Schumacher and with other chassis due soon. In this area there has been a sharp decline in the number raced but in some areas they are very popular.

This is a very good introduction car. It is easy to build and performs well out of the box. It is forgiving for the newcomer but satisfying for the more experienced.

There is a full National competition series for GT12, now going into its 3rd season.

We race a number of classes of 1/10th saloons, varying only in the power of the motor. The most popular class at present uses a 17.5T motor but there is a movement to use 13.5T motors if there is a sufficient call for the change.

There are a number of manufacturers of chassis, Schumacher, Associated and X-ray amongst others..

These  are the fastest cars we run. Based on the Le Mans Prototypes that give them their name, they are out and out race chassis and definitely not for the beginner. Fractions can be the difference between a car that wins and one that is almost undriveable. Because of this they are not popular for  the majority of club racers.

They are reckoned by many to be the pinnacle of on-road rc racing. Very demanding to set-up and drive but extremely satisfying..

There a 2 classes of off road 10th scale cars, 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive. They do exactly what they say on the tin. There is no restriction on motors or chassis, only set dimensional rules.

The most popular class at the moment is the 2WD class

The outdoor season 2019 is well under way and we are hosting our round of the NE Regional series at the beginning of July. Indoor racing continues all year round.

GT12 LMP12 Off-road
Micro Buggies

The latest class to hit TRCC. Although never really caught on, with most racers preferring the Full 1/10th size.

Other classes of cars that have run at TRCC. If enough drivers wanted to bring them back, raise the matter with a committee member.