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The 2015 LMP National season is over. Not unexpectedly World A-finalist Olly Jefferies won both the 10.5 stock and Open Modified championships.  Leigh Dibble won the 13.5 championship and Jim Spencer won the Sport Modified championship.

A number of club members drove in the series with some success. Adam Walker-Catchpole won the Teesside round of the Open Modified class (his 1st in LMP12) and made the A final in every round. He finished 6th overall. Stock 10.5 was a bit of a mixed season for Adam although he still made 4 A finals, enough for 10th overall.

Peter Craig had a disappointing start to the season but had some success after a transponder and transmitter change. He rounded off the season with a 3rd in the Sport Modified class at Chesterfield. He finished 5th overall in that class. Mixed results in Stock 10.5 led to a 15th overall finish.

Kellann Bligh had a similar season to Peter, performing much better on Sundays than Saturdays. Her best result was a 5th in Sport Mod at the opening round at West Kent, with another 2 A finals that meant she finished 6th overall in Sport Mod and 19th in Stock 10.5.

Kieren Manders had his breakthrough season. He discovered that he liked the racing so much that instead of only doing Saturdays, he started half way through the season doing Sport Mod on Sundays as well.  He succeeded  in making the A final in both Teesside and Chesterfield.

Paul Russon, Glynn Morgan, John Wilson and Glenn Atterton also had a run out at the Teesside national.

After a few weeks off, the carpet track is back in business. A lot firmer, flatter and quieter.

The racing has been close and there has been a healthy attendance by the saloons, both GT12 and 1/10th Tcs and LMP12s.

The new floor does show how old and worn the carpet is, mainly as a result of the old additives. The committee are looking at the cost of new carpet and also are investigating the latest type of surface from CRC.

6th September 2014.

An obvious increase in attendance after a summer lull.

Full heats of 2 wheel and 4 wheel off-road cars and 9 drivers in LMP12 10.5, including TRCC’s National A-finalists Adam Walker-Catchpole and Peter Craig, and regular B-finalist Kellyann Bligh.

Joining them was Kieren Manders who has been showing tremendous progress over the last few months. He kept everyone honest and was just out-qualified by Peter but ahead of Kellyann. Adam was not 100% fit but still topped the qualifying chart.
Adam did not run the final which saw the lead change a few times to mistakes, eventually Peter won, just ahead of Kieren and Kellyann.

Bodes well for the coming season. I hope we can attract more drivers wanting practise on one of the national tracks.