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The Name of the club shall be the “Teesside Racing Car Club”. (Hereafter known as “the Club”)


To promote amateur circuit racing in the TRCC area. The club will facilitate and provide the Club’s members with opportunities to engage in car racing and enjoy the benefits and facilities provided by the Club.

The club shall endeavour to encourage and support the local community by providing a recreational facility for racers and non racers alike.

The Club shall be affiliated to the British Radio Car Association (hereafter known as BRCA) and shall adhere to BRCA rules except as outlined in this constitution.


The Club shall be open to any person on payment of any membership fees as shall be decided by the authorised body of the Club. The membership shall be expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the ideals of the Club at any Club event.

It shall be a requirement of membership to the Club that suitable public liability insurance is held by the member. Such insurance is provided by BRCA membership.


The subscription fee shall include a payment for affiliated membership of the BRCA unless such membership has been obtained through another club or directly with the BRCA.

The subscription period shall run from 1 January to 31 December.  Any member joining after 1 July shall pay a reduced fee at the discretion of the treasurer.  The BRCA element of the membership fee is always payable in full.

Persons joining after 1 September may have a further reduction in Club membership fees.  Voting and election rights for these members shall start from the following January.

Persons joining after 1 November can get 14 months membership for the full membership fee.  Any increase in BRCA fee or TRCC fee will be added at a later date.

There shall be reduced subscription rates for junior and non-racing members.


Any member failing to renew their membership by 1 February shall be deemed to have resigned from the Club and shall cease to have any claim on the Club, its property or its funds.


There shall be a Club president who shall remain in office until resignation.

The Club shall have a committee elected by the membership.  Only members of the club qualify for election to the Committee as outlined above.  The Committee members shall be elected annually at the AGM by a simple majority of the members present at the AGM.  Nominations for the Executive shall be made in writing at least 1 week before the AGM.  Nominations for Ordinary Committee can be made in writing before the meeting or verbally at the meeting.

The Committee shall consist of:-

 An Executive committee:-




  Race Director

  Competition Secretary

  Public Relations Officer

 Non executive post

  Race Controller

 Plus 9 ordinary members.

The elected Committee can, without referring to the general membership of the Club, co-opt any Club member to the Committee, as it deems necessary.

There shall be a quorum of at least 60% of the Committee for any meeting, at which decisions are made,

Committee members not regularly attending committee and Club meetings will be asked to re-consider their position.


There shall be a committee selected from the junior members of the club. One representative from this committee may attend full committee meetings in an ex-officio position.


The Committee shall manage all concerns of the Club upholding the Constitution and has the power to settle all points of interpretation of the Club rules unless that it is in contradiction with a ruling of the AGM or any properly constituted EGM.

The Executive Committee shall manage the day to day running of the Club. Any decisions made outside of Committee Meetings should be ratified by the full Committee.


The Club shall be run on a not-for-profit basis. No payments shall be made to any official, except to reimburse expenses correctly incurred.

The Treasurer with reference to the Executive Committee shall manage all matters relating to the finances of the Club.

The Executive Committee has the power to raise funds as required by means, including but not exclusively, of Bank loans, personal loans from members or from other persons.

The Club’s books shall be kept up to date and shall be open to viewing by any member of the Club with due and reasonable notice.

The Treasurer shall present a Statement of Accounts to the AGM and answer any queries arising from them.

The Club’s financial year shall run for 1 November to 31 October.


Upon dissolution of the club any remaining assets shall be given or transferred to another registered CASC, a registered charity or the sport’s governing body.


 11.1 Race meetings

  At race meetings the Race Director has the power to impose reasonable penalties on drivers (or their representatives) who transgress the accepted rules of the competition.

 11.2 General

  Upon receipt of a complaint about the conduct of a member it shall be the Committee’s responsibility to decide on the appropriate action.  If it so desires the Committee can ask the member to attend before them to answer the complaint.

The Committee has the power to: -

 Suspend membership for a limited period

 Cancel membership (any membership fees paid to the Club shall be forfeited)

 Impose a ban from its meetings for a limited period or permanently.

The Committee decision shall be final.


The AGM shall be held as soon as possible after the end of the financial year.

The following business shall be transacted at the AGM: -

 Reports from the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Race Director.

 Election of Officers.

 Any matters raised by the Committee.

 Any other relevant business.


An EGM may be called at any time by the Executive Committee. The Secretary shall call a meeting on receiving a written request signed by not less than 10% of the membership.

This meeting shall be held as soon as practicable after the receipt of such notice, provided that the membership shall be given adequate notice in writing. Posting notices in the club venues, on the Club web site and/or sending e-mails shall be deemed to be adequate notice of such and any other meetings.


Minutes shall be taken at any and all official meetings of the Club. They shall be published as soon as practicable following the meeting. They shall be approved by the next similar meeting and shall be made available for inspection by any competent person.


The Constitution of the Club can be altered at any properly constituted AGM or EGM on receiving a two-thirds majority of those members present.

S C Craig (Treasurer)

 Last revision November 2009 ( approved by AGM 14th November 2009)